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About Zi Ni Clay(Purple mud)for Yixing Teapot

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Introduction: the purple mud is one kind of typical sand slime which is easily to be found in the mine. But among them, the amount of the good ones is always less than that of the poor ones. And the purple mud is actually purple brown, so people always call them the black purple mud, which is one kind of the batches widely spread in the market. The purple mud is extracted from the run of mine ore of purple sand excavated from the mine in Huang Long Mountain of Yi Xing City, Jiang Su Province. And in this mine the iron component content is relatively higher, and the particles in the batches are comparatively larger, thus the structure is loose and the body of the batch has a double air holes structure with fluent air convection. As a result, the longer time the teapot made from this kind of clay is used, the better the teapot will be. With the great change, it has become the most excellent examples of keeping the teapot, using which to brew the tea will make people fully enjoy the good taste of tea. And it is thought highly of by these people.

Producing region: belongs to the purple sands in Ding Shan Mountain and Huang Long Mountain in Yi Xing City, Jiang Su Province.

Characteristics of the batch: a good stability, easily to be controlled, compact and tightly combined, to be used for sculpting large statues, easily to be molded, the potters’ favorite batch.

Degree of difficulty: the melting point at which iron oxide breeds easily, sand dropping, and stained clays on the surface of the teapot.

Features: the color of the batch is solemn and can be kept stable; the size of the crafts can be adjusted as one pleases. It is purplish brown that can calm down the heart and soul with the creation of an friendly atmosphere.

Characteristics in brewing the tea: a brilliant breathability; a high degree of discoloration in pyretic stranguria; the receptiveness to the tea in accordance with the golden mean; the time of brewing the tea is easily to be controlled. After the teapot has been kept out some looks, it will be more elegant, charming and become the first choice of people with different tastes for brewing the tea and appreciation.

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