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About Zhu Ni Clay For Yixing Teapot

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Introduction:Vermeil is a little reddish and soft, with a mild color of the water. . When the hot water rinses the teapot, it will become delicate red. As teapot wobbles, the purple light comes out, which attracts many people who love teapot with its mystery. Tea brewed in this pot will be bright and crystal in color, freshing and mellow in taste. Real Zhu mud is characteristically hard and heavy. It is in red color glowing with faint orange luster, clear and mellifluous in texture which is comparable with the tip-top Zhu mud in the middle period of the Qing dynasty. The large wares cannot be made by being heated with Zhu mud, finished smaller ones reveal subtle corrugations, representing a sense of ancient elegance of Zhu mud. Zhu mud produced in Zhaozhuang is grey, white and yellowish-brown in color, appearing slices structure. Since it is heavy-textured, the raw ore is hard to be used as sand. The toughest part (old clay with red texture after produced into pottery, and known as “stone bone”)of soft clay mineral can be mined and become pottery clay after repeated manual production process implemented by Antique Pottery Research Institution.

Kiln temperature: approximately 1065~1700 degrees C.

Contraction ratio: 25%.

Mineral: Jiangsu Yixing Zhao Zhuangshan, Huanglong mountain.

Property:It should be produced under high temperature. Its contraction ratio is very high.

Level of Difficulty: easy to be deformed, cracked and dropping off sands when taken from kiln; the adobe is loose in texture, so a finished pot is apt to crack which is very difficult to conglutinate. Besides, the nozzle is ready to drop sand, and much patience and high technique are called for when dealing with delicate parts of the pot. It characterizes with high contraction ratio, low-yield, and difficult to achieve large wares.

Characteristics: Coved with coarse grains which form a unique style of it; the pot is ruddy and sandy, and the body of it is obviously presenting double-hole in structure for better air convection. This is distinguished from other pottery. Its texture is pristine and elegant which is unprecedentedly overwhelming, so it enjoys long lasting popularity over hundreds of years.

Brewing features: Its discoloration ratio is high when filled with boiling water, and it will get redder over time, reveling the charm of its meticulous wrapped slurry. The pot easily echoes with tea, and the tea is mellow sweet and easily be predicated when brewed. Besides, it is still fresh overnight, so it takes both advantages of red mud and Zisha. Remember to warm it before brewing. You can enjoy an unprecedented fantastic taste the moment you savor the tea poured from a newly finished teapot… … It is just like the mixture of all sorts of top teas which promptly release their intoxicating and impassionate traits. The long-lasting fragrance of the tea is also exceedingly refreshing and pleasant, and the tea is so clear and demonstrated, so it is promoted as “the most attractive tea that having a sophisticated appeal to making fish sunk and wild geese fallen” by old Magua! You cannot help but appropriating the gracious gift of nature to human at the sight of the bright and delicate tea. If you brewed teas of different fermentation degrees at different temperature with the teapot made from Zhu mud, you will be surprised to acknowledge that the tea naturally brewed in this teapot will release such different alluring flavors. Its elegant fragrant, transparent soup, delicate taste and lingering aftertaste will be enough for your lifetime retrospection. Teapot made from Zhu mud will magically animate many old teas of many years for it can stimulate the antique flavor of old teas, and enable the tea soup representing a unique quality in taste and characteristics. Its discoloration ratio is high when filled with boiling water, and easily takes meticulous wrapped slurry which reveals long-lasting brilliance over time. The tea soup is mellow and concentrated with lingering sweet aftertaste and aroma, so it must be the most favorable kind for teapot collectors.

Making suggestions: Tieguanyin, Taiwan high mountain tea, Pu’er tea, oolong tea health tea ( light baking series), Longjing.

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