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About Yixing Duan Ni Clay

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Introduction: The run of mine ore satin mud was called “grouping mud” coming from Huang Long Mountain in Yi Xing City, Jiang Su Province with the nearly white look dotted with deep green stains. Besides the mud to make pottery, it can also be grinded and screened into small particles to blend the sands. After firing it is light yellow with slightly a few red stains. The other run of mine ore satin mud named Ben Shan green mud is also from Huang Long Mountain. And it is the splint in the interlayer of the sand slime with green grey color, which will be beige after firing. The particles in the mud are big, so it has a loose structure with double air holes structure making the air convection more fluent. The longer time it is used, the better it will be. With the great change, it has become the most excellent examples of keeping the teapot. The tea brewed in this teapot will be better and thus win many praises. The temperature of the batch deployment and the kilns in the early period should be lower, while the temperature in the kilns of general satin mud products will be higher. And the satin mud teapot can easily meet the temperature needed and achieve the real crystals without any black stains.

Contraction ratio : 12%.
Mineral: Jiangsu Yixing Zhao Zhuangshan system Zhu clay mine ~ Huangshi yellow ore.
Properties of the mud: it feels sweet and compact, strong and moist with the wild yellow color; it belongs to the red mud mine, namely paragenic mineral of Huang Shi Huang in Zhao Zhuang Mountains in Yi Xing City, Jiang Su Province. It is selected and extracted carefully and the content of iron accounts for 6%. So after it is made into pottery, it becomes golden wild yellow.

Features: many people think that the satin mud will have some black stains on surface. The reason why they misunderstand is because that the temperature of the kilns in the past was comparatively lower, while the satin mud needs a higher temperature (generally the firing temperature is about 1175-1180 degrees centigrade), so the firing temperature in the kilns isn’t high enough and the finished products will be present at the color of the run of mine ore in the water (the people call it “blackening”). This is because the temperature in the kiln is not high enough, instead of the flaw of the clay. Buyers are advised not to confuse it.

Characteristic features for tea making: satin clay is suitable to make tea of a wide variety. Generally, the air permeability is high. The tea made in it is mild and smooth. It does not require high skills in making tea with it, therefore it is a good choice for green hands.
Making suggestions: series of tea, Tieguanyin and half fermentation tea, fermented tea ( black tea weight class ), tea
( oolong tea light baking series), green tea, Longjing tea, etc..

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