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Intro: Xiao Meiyao Zhuni should be attributed to one rarity of the three Zhusha species—Red mud. It’s right in scarce at this moment. On account of high shrinkage ratio and large slurry content, ore mud of high mesh count will present corrugations after burned, which is neat in surface at first glance while shows many subtle flowing textures naturally contracting and shrinking on the side at scrutiny. The so-called Xiao Yao is the name of a place lying about 500 meters away from Huanglong Mountain, instead of a small colliery where the teapots were burned. There were a few small collieries there used in sintering tiles and pots in the past and that place was named in kenning as Xiao Meiyao as time passed away. Zhuni ore was firstly produced there since 1950s despite in small output. People at that time did not take an interest in Zhuni pot, and the big and medium ones dominated the pot family. Zhuni mud of high viscosity mined from Xiao Meiyao was rarely made into pots; instead, it was directly added to purple mud or clear water to make the mud stickier. In Doctor Gu’s opinion, that’s the major reason why it’s hard to see a Xiao Meiyao Zhuni pot nowadays. According to the experience of numerous users, Xiao Meiyao Zhuni pots are far better than Zhaozhuang Zhuni pots both in tea-making and pot-caring and it has a better ventilation performance. Xiao Meiyao is really the only choice for Tie Guanyin tea.

Tea-making suggestions: the only choice for Tie Guanyin tea, also excellent for Taiwan High Mountain tea, Pu’er tea, Oolong tea (light-baking species), Longjing tea etc.

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