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About jiang Po Ni Clay For Zisha Teapot

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Intro: it is nicknamed as “essence of the Two Long Mountains”. The raw ore field is the mine lot in Huanglong Mountain, Yixing city, Jiangsu province. Er Longqiao ore block is located between Qinglong Mountain and Huanglong Mountain, where road collapsed due to mining, and thus it is named by Yixing pot collectors as Jiangpo mud. (Note: the geologist couple 420 examined the ore mud in person and confirmed it of the fault rock emerged under high pressure in clashing between Qinglong Mountain and Huanglong Mountain during the orogenic movement. The mud takes an appearance of maturity and a color of orange red with yellow hues after burning, which arouses exquisite feelings in admirers. When drenched, it is full of obsolescence and differentiates little from mud famous in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. As its ore are mined directly from the collapsed slop in two Long Mountains, it is named as Jiangpo mud. The ore is selected and refined from Penta-color mud which is well-known past and present, broad and home. The pot made from it was named by Ming scholars as Celebrated Longshan Sand! The above-ground Zisha ore (on the earth’s surface), said to be mined on the Yixing railway construction site, is in fact a hill. This mud takes an unsophisticated color of yellow with red, after burning, yellow sand are partly hidden and partly visible in it. Since the ore field is close to Qinglong Mountain (lime stone), the mud is rich of calcium carbonate (the natural solvent material), hence the products made from it are moist in surface, comparatively low in sweeping temperature, extremely charming in texture. So there were frenzied mobs in digging out the mud and it did not take long time before this hill was scrapped away. (Note: this Longshan sand in ancient times differentiates totally from that popular in modern times both in ores and refining processes.) It is said that a weird monk arrived in Dingshu and peddled riches and honor, however, the natives sneered at this. So he dug out the colorful ore mud, which is named as penta-color mud or mud of riches and honor past and present! (Or the Jiangpo mud now) On account of numerous legends about it as well as its reappearance after vanishing a century, the mud expresses an ever-growing mysterious and magic charming, and becomes the indispensible choice of famous historical mud for teapot collectors!

Contraction ratio : 12%.

Orefield: Mount Huanglong Mining area in Jiangsu Yixing, the second Longqiao ore block, is located in the “Mount Qinglong” and “Mount Huanglong” border.

Features: because the run of mine ore contains satin mud, red mud, purple clay, and many other paragenesis, after it is made, it will be covered with multicolored speckles of different size of lines.
Characteristic features for tea making: the tea water should be mild. With ancient utensil, it will have the same smell and texture with the ancient masterpiece handed down from ancient times. So it is the thing for those collectors who love the flavor of old pot.

characteristics: suitable for brewing tea ( oolong tea: light baking series) is especially good, Tieguanyin
( in baking or baked Series) is especially good, Pu’er tea series is especially good.

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