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About Tian Qing Ni Clay for yixing teapot

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Introduction: potters call it “graphite clay”. In the ancient times, when people call it the color of “azure”, the color of the pot represents in the mix of blue, green and grey, and is named after the color that has been fully heated. This kind of mud is easily to be confused with dark green clay. It is one of the rare kinds of clay. It was originally produced in the great reservoir of Huang Long Mountain, and had been a kind of clay that was frequently used back in Qing Dynasty. Currently the quantity reserved is small and it is difficult to mine, so the mature products in the market are very rare. The color is represented in graphite. It contains a variety of ore fines. The patina feels warm, smooth, and special, so it is also known as the skin of the shark. In a word, it is extremely rare clay. The characteristic features: the liquid contains a lot of minerals, a high percentage of iron and aluminum. With low stickiness, it is hard to shape and requires high temperature to heat in the kiln.

Advantages of the mature product: The special structure of two air holes provides the purple sands teapot of Yi Xing with the advantages of fast heat transmission and good heat preservation. So when making tea, it is good to keep the temperature of water, which directly affects the color, flavor and taste of the tea. Quaint and full of ancient and drinking nice, it has an excellent evaluation. Since the ancient times, the best clay is the azure mud in purple clay. What is the azure clay? Now there are two kinds of views. One is that the sky is azure after raining, so it is called the azure blue. The color of china is this kind of blue color. While the purple clay is different from the china. Zhou Gaoqi, who wrote the YangXianMing pot in Ming dynasty, recorded that: azure clay looks like the liver color after roasting.

Kiln temperature of about 1100 degrees C.

Contraction ratio : 14%.

Mineral: Jiangsu Yixing Dingshan, station west well.

Properties: moderate in viscosity and density, making delicate flower. Mica and quartz content is relatively high; with enough tension; deformation is not big. So it is a precious pug.

Difficulty: it is not easy to collect run of mine ore; color and luster is special, so it will generate different effects when it matches with utensils, lines and forms. Therefore, it is difficult to design and make.

Features: the color is changeable; azure mud is various, debate about it never stops. Identify it from the color blue, green, grey. Color is distinct from others and elegant,

Characteristic features for tea making: fuse with tea well; smell is pure, and tastes is sweet. It is easy to master the temperature level. So it is a wise and unique choice for those who are unwilling to follow the herd.

Making suggestions: Oolong tea tea ( light baking series), various series of special tea.

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