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About Lao Duan Ni Clay-Old Duan

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Laoduan pug is produced in Huanglong Mountain in Jiangsu. It is a kind of paragenic mineral of Benshan Green pug and Purple pug. Benshan Green pug and Purple pug are both the raw ore of red stoneware. The meaning of paragenic is forming naturally, and the two kinds of pug have the same properties. Laoduan pug is the Shu pug which has experienced long time cellar storage.

Pug property: Laoduan pug is sweet and tender, fine and soft. After being sintered, it becomes dazzling yellow and red, and is loved by pot collectors.

Kiln temperature is about 1150-1200℃

Shrinkage ratio is about 12%-13%

Stewing: it fit a large number of teas. Generally speaking, its air permeability is good. The tea is soft. The skill requirement oftea making is not high, even the green hands can make it. The teas that fit the pug includes: Pu’er tea series, Tie Guanyin and half fermentation tea series, heavy fermentation tea series(dark green tea), Oolong tea and raw tea(light baking fire series), green tea, Longjing, a famous green tea produced in Hangzhou, black tea, and so on.

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