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About Hong Pi Long(Red Ni)Clay

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Mud with red dragon-like surface

Introduction: it was originally named wild red mud and very rare, especially in recent years there has been less and less. Generally it scatters under the Yellowstone layer with a rufous color that will change into red after firing in the kilns. In the mud with red dragon-like surface, the content of the quartz is relatively higher than that of others and there are more mica impurities as well. With such composition content, the breathability of the mud is very good and the receptiveness to the tea is perfect. Therefore it can be used to brewing the tea by any people in a short period and it is also easy for people to control the brewing temperature. As for the teapot, the longer period it has been used, the ruddier it will be. Finally it will become the most excellent tool which can satisfy different people’s tastes for brewing the tea.

Degree of difficulty: easily sand dropping, deforming and cracking in the kilns; the structure of the mud is loose, so it easily cracks into pits when molding, and the combination of it is hard to control. When making the teapot, the sand of the mouth is easily to drop, so more patience and exquisite skills should be paid to dealing with every detail. Shrinkage ratio is large; the rate of finished product is low and the treasured teapot is very difficult to fire and obtain.

Features: with big and rough particles around the mud, it develops into forming a special style. It is ruddy and gritty-feeling. With the double air holes structure in the body, it has a fluent air convection distinguishing from other potteries. It is simple and elegant, the most beautiful among all the potteries with praises continuously from various people with varied tastes for centuries.

Characteristics in brewing the tea: a high degree of discoloration in pyretic stranguria. After the available use and keep, it will be ruddier, presenting the beauty of wrapped slurry. Highly receptive to the tea, and the teapot will make the fragrance of the tea diffuse and keep it a longer time. It has become the collectors’ preferred pot.

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