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About Hei Ni Clay-Black Clay

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Introduction: the color of black mud is as black as ink. The black mud is unfathomable as the unbounded black sky. With added gold sand, it is like the twinkling star suspending in the vast black sky. It is mysterious and silent so that people all love and cherish it. In early times it was the most common pug。 For the iron content of it is very high, it gains much love and appreciation after many years’ of usage, and becomes the favorite pottery of pot lovers. When you use the new pot, you can obviously feel it gritty, and after a period of time, you can find that some place on the pot body turn into grey and black, then become ink black some days later. The tea brewed in it tastes good and wins many praises!

Kiln temperature is about 1140 degrees centigrade.

Shrinkage radio is about 14%

Orefield: Ding mountain and Huanglong mountain in Yixing, Jiangsu province、natural color pug.

Pug property: The structure of raw material is loose so you should be careful and cautious in the process of machining and shaping.

Difficulty: it is with lots of holes caused by dropping sands, easy to wrinkle, and the firing rate is medium.

Characteristic: many pot collectors consider mistakenly that black color will appear on the pot after firing. The reason of this misunderstanding is that the firing temperature is lower in the early time, and this Duan pug series needs high temperature ( the firing temperature is about 1175-1180 degrees centigrade)。 Therefore,when the pug cannot be fired completely, the pots will turn back and present the raw ore color in the presence of water( pot collectors call this phenomenon as “ black appearing” ); The true reason is not the disadvantage of pug, but the low temperature. Don’t be confused by the causal relationship.

Tea-making characteristics: it makes the tea pure and mild, and the tea-making time is easy to handle, so no matter beginners or veterans can use it properly. It possesses a peculiar temperament of golden mean.

Tea-making suggestions: the best choice for Oolong raw tea (light-baking species), Tie Guanyin tea (medorate-baking or deep-baking species), Pu’er tea species, Green tea etc.

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