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About Hei Ji Xing Clay

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Intro: Hei Jixing is in dark liver color with red hues. It is covered with black spots outside which are the pounded and thumped products of grounded yellow rock crust of Zhuni ore while mixed with brown Zhuni raw ore specially selected from Zhaozhuang Mountain in Yixing city.

Kiln temperature: about 1150℃.

Shrinkage ration: about 18%.

Orefield: Zhaozhuang Mountain, Yixing city.

Mud properties: this famous mud is agreeable to tea due to its gentle performance, sedate color and light weight.

Pot-making difficulties: procedures are extremely complicated.

Product properties: once used, it becomes warm and humid in color and texture. The masterwork of mud shows its natural specialties far beyond the touch of works added with chemical oxide.

Tea-making characteristics: this famous mud is agreeable to tea. The savory and mellow mouth feel leads to various aftertastes.

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