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About Green Ni Clay

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Intro: Green mud, nicknamed as “Mung bean mud” by collectors, is famous for its “bean-green color” because it resembles Mung bean skin in pure grass green color. The yellow grounds of dark green mud suit both the refined and popular tastes with their unrivalled beauty and purity. Teapot made from it is simple and unadorned in texture, fine and particle-feeling in chiltern. Teapot is originally beige with cyan, and gradually turns into mild bright color after been drenched. Due to its sound performance in wrapping slurry, it is easy to get cared while drenched in water and gives out a gentle cyanine light. It originates in mineral ranges in Huanglong Mountain and comes from the intercalating grease in Zisha mud; hence it is named as “mud in mud”. It is low in output, tender in quality and weak in fire-resistance compared with purple mud. The raw ore is a rock in slate gray with green, in flake or powder, and fingers will get dyed once in touch with it. It also usually used in coating or painting the pot casing to make the Zisha pot more colorful.

 Kiln temperature: about 1160℃.

Shrinkage ratio: about 14%.

Orefield: Dingshan, Taixi in Yixing, Jiangsu province.

Mud properties: puffy and loose, in high tension and low viscosity, with particles easy to converge and squeeze.

Pot-making difficulties: it will be not bright enough in color, neither tight in structure at a lower temperature, while shading-covered at a higher one. The kiln fire is hard to measure as the pot gets irregular color if it burns too much, while insufficient wetness if it burns inadequately.

Product properties: It is in refined elegance, outstanding mud color and sound water absorption. The gentleman-like green mud which is appreciably in sweet yellow is a relatively uncommon kind of mud.

Tea-making characteristics: on account of its sound performance in high temperature, it’s easy to master the flavor shade. The savory and mellow mouthfeel leads to various aftertastes.

Tea-making suggestions: a good choice for Oolong raw tea (light-baking species), Tie Guanyin tea (moderate-baking or deep-baking species), Pu’er tea species, green tea, black tea etc.

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