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About Ben Shan Green Ni Clay

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Introduction: Benshan green mud is also known as Tuanshan mud. There are two types of its geological distribution. One is the lower segment of quartzitic rock(namely Huangshi rock, called “dragon bone” by insiders), the other is the interlayer between red mud ( Zhusha ) and purple mud ( Zisha ), so it is renamed as “the mud in mud”. The first type of Benshan green mud contains much quartzitic rock but less clay, therefore it is apt to crack under high temperature and is not easy to be obtained. However, it has excellent air permeability. Benshan green mud as “the mud in mud” contains plentiful clay, so wares are accessible under low temperature with high yield ratio.

Characteristics: Coved with coarse grains which form a unique style of it, the pot is ruddy and sandy, and the body of it is obviously presenting double-hole in structure for better air convection. The more it is used, the more superiority it presents, so it can be the most proper material to produce teapot. Tea brewed in this pot carries fantastic taste and so wins much praise.

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